My books

Books for busy folks

A personal Mission Statement: Your Road Map to Happiness
Create your own personal mission statement

  • 8 high quality links to personal mission statement examples.
  • 27 question sets.
  • 10 mental exercises.
  • 6 ways to put your personal mission statement into use.
  • A real story described by some people as “inspiring”.

all in less than 9000 words.

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The Fitness Expert Next Door
Lose weight and get fit

  • an outline of the 10 minute philosophy (and how you can make it your own)
  • an incentive
  • just a few tactics that REALLY work
  • practical weight loss tips from my personal experience
  • recommended online fitness communities
  • A real weight loss story (pictures included)

all in less than 12000 words.
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Learn to Read with Great Speed

    Read more in less time
    Click to look inside and:

  • discover your reading speed
  • decide if my program is worth implementing in your case (before you buy the book!)

    Then buy it and:

  • learn about speed reading obstacles and techniques
  • choose those which suit you best
  • 10 free speed reading resources
  • trim my program to your needs
    and enjoy reading more!

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Release Your Kid's Dormant Genius

    Help your kid to achieve his real potential

  • How to get a fix on the weak spots of your child
  • The tactics which helped my son
  • 7 tips on how to create your “10 minute” teaching program
  • And a true story

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The Science of Getting Rich Quotes
Get rich quotes for everyday use

  • Each quote is presented on a separate page in a clear, precise form ideal for mobile devices.
  • Ultrashort fragments will be more striking and easier to remember.
  • It’s an easy way to develop a strong reading habit.
  • I can even deliver them to your mail if you prefer that way.

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Link to book on

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