On a train to work I caught a nap and went through my proofreader’s corrections of a 1,300-word article of mine.
I finished one Quora answer and started another.
I corrected and published an answer on Quora, imported it into Medium and submitted to the publication. To my surprise it was accepted the same day.
I prepared 2 answers for proofreading.
On a train to work I worked on an update about my Amazon ads success.
I had a call with a coaching client and at 9 pm a podcast interview.
Around midnight I answered an email inquiry from a potential coaching client.

I slept 7 hours. I napped 30 minutes on a train to work.

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I worked from home today.
I did my full morning ritual and saw my daughter off to school. Then I saw my son off to school.
I wrote 710 words for a Quora answer.
I went with my other son to e doctor. We wanted to examine his knee. The doctor confirmed that my son is ill and he need to save his knee.
We did small shopping and got back at home.
I wrote 340 words for another Quora answer.
In the evening I went to a church to help with preparations for Corpus Christi celebration.

I slept about 7 hours. I napped 25 minutes.

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Before work I did my morning routine and set priorities for today. I also sent an email about new audiobook to my audio publisher.
On a train to work I finished a Quora answer and started another one (900 words).
I corrected a Quora answer that arrived from my proofreader and uploaded it on Quora. I imported this answer and another one to Medium; I published one and submitted to a publication the other.
I submitted my article to a new big Medium publication.
I corrected 2 book reviews and published them on Amazon.
I created one new Amazon ad campaign for my client’s book.
I offered an author my help with his AMS ads and provided more details.
I handled a few phone calls related to life errands.
On a train back home I added 460 words to the Quora answer I started in the morning.
In the evening I attended a mastermind call.
Then I had a quick call with Aaron Walker about our collaboration over promoting his book.

I slept 7 hours.

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I lifted my wife from a train station. She had a night shift.
I wrote a Quora answer.
I lifted my kids to a church and wrote 660 words for my novel.
I lifted kids from the church and made them sandwiches.
I played with my boys in a card game.
I spent afternoon with my wife, my habits and my daughter.
I got a text message from my author client: “4 paperbacks. 9 Kindle. 3 days. Thank you.”

I slept about 7.5 hours. I napped 30 minutes.

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I woke up before 7 am and did my morning routine.
I had a call with my accountability partners.
I raised book prices after the BB promo yesterday.
I drve for shopping to a town with my daughter.
I collected some screenshots after the promo.
I wrote 1200 words for a Quora answer.
In the evening I went for my church community meeting.
After the meeting I called my father and my friend.
I checked on my clients, finished my habits and went to bed.

I slept 6.5 hours. I napped 20 minutes and 10 minutes.

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In the morning I created 10 new Amazon ad campaigns for From Shi to Hi.
On a train to work I finished the income report (390 words) and started a Quora answer (430 words).
Before work I went to a passport office and requested a new passport.
I corrected and published a Quora answer.
I sent September 2016 income report to my proofreader.
I created 50 more ad campaigns, 10 per book. I created 4 new campaigns for my client.
On a train back home I finished the Quora answer (820 words).
At home I hopped on Amazon and KDP dashboard and marveled about the promo results. I re-submitted a few campaigns that has been rejected.
I shared the promo on Facebook.
In the evening I collected a few screenshots and created 4 new advertising campaigns for my client. I was excited to observe his first results.

I slept almost 6 hours. I napped 20 minutes.

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First client for Amazon ads

On a train to work I wrote a weekly update to my email list (670 words) and started an October’s 2016 income report (230 words).
At the office before work I added 180 words to the income report.
I replied to a couple of emails.
I formatted and scheduled the email broadcasts.
I dropped prices of my three books for the tomorrow’s Buck Books promo.
I mined keywords on Amazon using the awesome KDPRocket produced by Dave Chesson. It took me about an hour or two to find new 5,142 keywords.
On a train back home I formatted the September 2016 income report. I brainstormed some questions for Aaron Walker about his book promotion.
I called an author and offered him help with his Amazon ads campaigns in exchange for the part of generated income. We discussed for half an hour and agreed on the deal.
I lifted my daughter from a music school.
In the evening I created 40 new Amazon campaigns. I also created the first campaign for my client’s book.

I did 65 pushups on the left arm. A record.
I slept over 7 hours.

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