I woke up before 8 am, did my morning routine and wrote 710 words for my novel.
Then I sneaked back into the bed. My wife loves to wake up next to me and she rarely has an opportunity for that.
I used one of my previous TSE reports to answer a question on Quora.
In the evening we went as a whole family to a church.
I replied to an email from my AMS client.

I slept 7.5 hours. I napped 35 minutes.

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I did my morning routine and had a call with my accountability partner.
I started an article for a new Medium publication (600 words).
I created a bunch of ads for a new author.
I drove to a town to pick up a package and do small shopping.
I reviewed the numbers of my clients, issued a few invoices and sent several messages to them.
I created template campaigns for 4 new books of my client and sent order for 13 more for each to my son.
I used an old Quora answer to answer a new one.
I finished my habits for the day and went for my church community meeting.

I slept over 8 hours. I napped 15 minutes.

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Today I had an appointment with a car mechanic. I changed tires in both of our cars into winter ones. But first I took my daughter to school on sledges. She had a plenty of fun and I had a really solid workout.
I woke up my son and made him sandwiches to school.
An author replid and offered generous terms for my AMS service. I replied that we have a deal.
While waiting for tires change for the first car I formatted and published a Quora answer. I drove back to home, drank a hot pepper mint, hopped to my car and drove back to the mechanic. This time I wrote 300 words for a blog post.
On a train to work I continued the blog post (340 words).
In the evening I had a call with a friend from ISI mastermind.

I slept 6 hours.

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On a train to work I finished the blog post and started a Quora answer (720 words).
I paused campaigns for a couple of books of my client. They were barely profitable.
I sent a feedback to a prospect.
I used my old blog post as a Quora answer. I imported an old answer to Medium and submitted it to a publication.
I formatted and published June 2017 income report.
I dabbled a bit with my campaigns.
In the evening I went with my son for a catechesis.
We had a snowstorm. Late in the evening electricity went off, so I waited till they will turn it on. Our furnace needs electricity to run and I wanted to make sure it does its job.

I slept over 7 hours. I napped 15 minutes.

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On a train to work I finished the Quora answer from yesterday (160 words) and continued the blog post I started on Monday (700 words).
I checked my client’s ads results and sent her an update.
I took an old book review and used it for a Quora answer.
I imported a Quora answer into Medium, formatted it and submitted for a publication.
I read a bunch of submission guidelines on Medium and applied to a couple of publications.
My salary and royalties came the same day and I juggled finances for an hour or so.
I got a new version of book blurb for Simplify Your Pursuit of Success. I corrected and formatted it, researched better keywords for the book and updated them in KDP dasboard, created tracking links and inserted them into book, uploaded the manuscript and submitted all the changes.
In the evening I had a call with a couple of guys from my ISI mastermind.
I found a few campaigns that cost me money and terminated them.

I slept 7 hours. I napped 15 minutes.

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A phone from work woke me up at 2:50 am. I couldn’t get back to sleep, so I said my personal mission statement in mind and went downstairs.
I did my morning ritual.
My friend gave me a tip on formatting CreateSpace templates; I found the relevant setting and fixed a big part of the Directed by Purpose’s manuscript.
I wrote 710 words for a Quora answer And hit the bed for another hour of sleep.
I painstakingly changed all the Kindle prices and unpaused a few hundred ad campaigns in the dashboard.
I answered a Quora answer reusing my old answer.
I imported my old Quora answer into ThriveGlobal, formatted and submitted it for approval. This answer was recently proofread, so I also updated it on Quora.
I checked my costs for June 2017 and updated income report’s draft.
In the afternoon I attended my mastermind call.
I checked books of two prospects who inquired about my AMS services and I wrote them feedback about their books. Bot authors replied quickly and I sent them another follow up email.
In the evening I went with my son for a catechesis.

I slept almost 4.5 hours plus 1 hour. I napped 5 minutes on a train to work and 10 minutes on a train back home.

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On a train to work I wrote 600 wordsa for a blog post. At the office I add anotehr 174 words to it.
I corrected and published a Quora answer.
My article wasn’t accepted by one Medium publication, so I submitted it to another. It has been promptly accepted.
I corrected my income report according to my proofreader’s changes. I formatted it and added images. I saved it as a draft.
I answered several emails from my readers.
I created three templates ads for my clients and sent orders for more ads basing on the just-created ones to my son.
I received a bill from Aweber bigger by $20. It motivated me to remove a few dozen unsubscribed subscribers from my email lists. I also created a segment of 130+ people that according to my email management system haven’t opened any of my emails for the whole last year. I wrote a short email and sent a broadcast to those folks.
On a train back home I worked on a paperback version of Directed by Purpose.
In the evening I had a call with a few guys from ISI. I keep them accountable for NaNoWriMo.
I tried to fixed the manuscript without success. In the end I sent it to my friend asking for help.

I slept 7 hours.

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