I did my full morning ritual.
I reused an old Quora answer to reply to a new question.
I wrote 880 words for my new book. I started the last content chapter. The two other chapters will summarize the book.
I updated this blog.
I processed some data and created 2 new keyword templates. I created an order for 72 more ads for my customers.
I created another order for 20+ ads for one of my customers.
On a train to work I modified two bokos descriptions of my prospect and generated HTML code for it.
I wrote a feedback for my my prospect about her book description and sent her the version I prepared.
I spent over an hour watching GoT on YT in the evening.

I slept 7 hours. I napped 15 minutes.

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I wrote 630 words for my novel. I took my daughter to a swimming pool in a town that is about 10 miles away. We were there for the first time.
I published the pre-prepared Quora answer.
In the late afternoon, I went with my son and daughter to a mass. We had icecreams afterward.

I slept 8.5 hours. I napped 15 minutes.

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I woke up early, but my accountability partners didn’t show up for a weekly call. So I had a look at the tasks I left running for the night in client’s environment. I noticed some anomalies. I ran some operations while doing my morning routine in parallel.
Anomalies turned into a full-size catastrophe. I observed the evolving catastrophe and did some things: small shopping, drove my wife’s car to the mechanic once again, published a Quora answer.
We needed to contact database support to solve the problem. I finally had some time and wrote 630 words for my book.
Database admins solved the issue, so I had a free mind to finish my day properly. I did my habits. I prepared another Quora answer for tomorrow.
We had a barbecue. I spent about a couple of hours grilling various kinds of meat.
In the evening I drove with my son to our church community meeting.

I slept 6.5 hours.

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I wrote 500 words finishing an income report and 230 words gor my new book.
I reused old answer and published it on Quora for a new question.
I researched thrillers keywords on Amazon. I continued the research on a train to work. I ended up with about 4300 new keywords.
I replied to a couple of emails from prospects.

I slept about 7.5 hours.

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I woke up long befor the alarm clock.
I wrote 720 words for my new book.
I replied to a Quora answer using my old content.
I sent three Quora answers to my proofreader.
I sent an email follow-up to my prospect.
I cold-emailed an author offering him my AMS service.
A train to work was delayed by half an hour. I used this time to process data files delivered by my son. I ended up with 1290 usable keywords.
On a train to work I wrote 320 words for April 2018 income report.
Back at home I exchanged a few messages with prospects and checked on my coaching clients.
My wife’s car still wasn’t fixed, so I again was her driver.

I slept 6 hours. I napped 10 minutes.

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I had little time in the morning, I worked at client’s site and had to catch the early train. I also got my wife’s car to a mechanic.
I wrote 710 words for a new book.
On a train to work I started an email to my prospect, giving her feedback about her book description.
I did my 10-minute habits during the commute.
In the afternoon I had a call with a new guy from ISI (my mastermind group).
I created the first template ad for a new book of my client. I sent my son an order for 40+ more ads.
I finished the feedback for my prospect and sent it back.
I got a new coaching client and sent him two messages.
I also drove my wife around as she didn’t have her car.

I slept almost 7 hours. I napped 15 minutes.

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I wrote 680 words for my new book.
I took a couple of old answers and used their fragments to create a new one. I formatted and published it on Quora.
I checked the data of my two best customers for June, calculated their profits and issued invoices.
Oa train to work I worked on restarting my best customer’s ads in the USA.
On a train back home I finished my 10-minute habits.
My son caught up with reporting, so I calculated profits of two more clients and sent them info about June’s results.
I finished processing my customer’s ads data. I created keyword lists for 22 new ads and sent an order to my son to create them.
In the evening I watched a soccer match in TV with my wife and son.

I slept over 7 hours. I napped 15 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the evening.

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