My blog saved!

In the morning I tried to salvage my websites without much success.
Till noon I managed to restore my blog, but my 1$tips page got wiped out.
I wrote and published a Quora answer (1010 words).
I made a backup of my blog’s content.
I updated a few components and tightened security (passwords, accounts, etc.).
On a train back home I updated entries in my The Progress Journal. I also updated a broadcast I wrote a few days ago and haven’t sent yet.
My sister visited us. I spent quite a chunk of the evening talking with her. I missed a call with a guy from The Community because of that.
I finished my habits and was stoked to see that my habits wall in was all green.

Bedtime 00:10
I slept almost 5.5 hours. I napped 35 minutes on a train to work and 30 minutes in the evening.


About Michal

I’m a father of three – two sons and a daughter. I’ve been married for more than 15 years. I’ve been a church community member for more than 18 years. And I just cannot resist the urge to make this world a better place. First of all by becoming more, by focusing on my personal growth. And then by an absolute transparency of my progress.
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