I woke up 3:35 am.
On a train to airport I added 720 words to a Quora answer.
I posted a Quora answer and saved as draft the remaining two answers that were proofread.
I napped at an airport and on a plane, but still I have been acting in a zombie mode for a whole day.
I somehow survived a day at work and attended a mastermind call in the evening.
After that call I called my wife.
Then I collapsed. I failed to set the alarm clock and slept almost 2 hours instead of 1 as I planned.
I finished my habits and wrote 260 words of a fiction story to reach my daily words quota.

I slept 4 hours in the night and almost 2 hours in the following evening. I napped 30 minutes at an airport while waiting for boarding and about 100 minutes on a plane.


About Michal

I’m a father of three – two sons and a daughter. I’ve been married for more than 15 years. I’ve been a church community member for more than 18 years. And I just cannot resist the urge to make this world a better place. First of all by becoming more, by focusing on my personal growth. And then by an absolute transparency of my progress.
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