Salary is for poor

I wrote 650 words for #12 book on a train to work. I added another 440 words at the office.

Today I had a “serious talk” with my supervisor. I was accused of slacking. I admitted it true. I was asked why. I revealed I don’t see much sense in working hard for “thank you”. Well, “thank you” in my company is rare, but even in abundance, it won’t feed my family.
First time in my life I saw a supervisor genuinely worried not about poor performance per se, but trying to find the core of it. Well, unfortunately for them it was a couple of years too late. I can’t stand corporate prison with absurd office politics and all this stuff.
The talk finished however in a standard way. My concerns about my salary and work from home were dismissed, I was issued a warning and get solemn promises there will be some improvement in organizational culture.
This is absurd in corporations. My supervisors have a power to punish or fire me, but they have no power to raise my salary.
Anyway, salary is for poor. Business is for rich.

On a train back home I went once again through the consistency book. I addressed a few last comments and found a couple of last fragments which need to be fixed. It seems like the book is ready for a proofreader.
In the evening I attended my church community meeting and signed up the preliminary agreement for selling our apartment. At last.

I slept almost 6 hours. I napped 10 minutes behind the desk.


About Michal

I’m a father of three – two sons and a daughter. I’ve been married for more than 15 years. I’ve been a church community member for more than 18 years. And I just cannot resist the urge to make this world a better place. First of all by becoming more, by focusing on my personal growth. And then by an absolute transparency of my progress.
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